CRO specialist Swedish or Norwegian native The Netherlands.

Is Conversion Rate Optimization your passion? Member is a video-on-demand company located in The Netherlands and streaming movies and series in NL/BE/UK/AU/NZ/NO/SE. We are looking for a strong CRO specialist who can help out in all countries, but especially in Norway and Sweden (Nordics).

Great opportunity to work in The Netherlands near Amsterdam.

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CRO specialist video on demand Amsterdam The Netherlands vacancyVacancy CRO specialist streaming platform

As our CRO colleague you will be the one who optimizes the taglines, USP’s, readability, images, call-to-action, navigation in our websites, apps and landing pages.

We do our campaigning offline (interviews, magazines, flyers, radio commercials etc.) and online. For online we use all platforms available (Google, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest to name some) and try out new ones. Do you know what the next platform might be?

Our movies and series are available on any device: TV (Roku, Google TV, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV & Big smart TV brands), tablets, laptops and phones.

Above means that in your A/B testing and setting up hypothesis, your playfield is broad to experiment. Therefore, you must be strong in dashboarding and data analysis to find bottlenecks and possible opportunities to improve our (landing) pages. Your insights turn into new A/B tests and together with our developers you analyse results and report them to the stakeholders (marketing, content, data and management).

Whom we are looking for

Ideally you have 3 years of experience. Less or more is possible. Depends on who you are, what skills you have developed, if you are a fast learner (should you have less experience) etc. It is a matter of putting it all together in a job interview and deciding together what the gaps are and the chances of becoming successful (you being able to develop and/or grow; us getting the ‘job’ done with your insights).

Swedish or Norwegian native (as we have a strong foothold in the Nordics) and fluent in English. As we operate internationally from our HQ in The Netherlands, we have an international team. We converse in English (and you might even pick up some Dutch). Should you not be a SE/NO native, but think you fit, do not hesitate to apply.

Strong in Google Analytics and data analysis.

Remote working from abroad is not offered! Some hybrid form might be possible, but it will be mainly working from The Netherlands. Why? We believe teams operate best if the are also together, at least several days a week. It helps creativity. It inspires. It gives you ideas and verbal/non-verbal feedback.

What we offer

A key position with regard to conversion rate optimization where you work closely together with our marketeers and data engineers. Growth.

Friendly, professional atmosphere at a performance-based company. Scale up.

But most of all, a position where you can experiment in professional way. We have a goal to becoming a player of importance in the world of streaming media for niche channels. And remember, we call a niche a niche if it consists of +100K paid subscribers of our video-on-demand platforms.

How to continue?

Use the form below of send your application to Would you like to call before you apply, call Wouter at +31 6 54 74 23 04.

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