Senior or Principal Machine Learning Engineer - Amsterdam.

Are you an experienced Machine Learning Engineer with a passion for platform development? Are you excited about automating training processes, evaluating models in production, and building robust infrastructure? If so, we have an exceptional opportunity for you!
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senior of principal machine learning engineer vacancy amsterdam netherlandsAI-driven Customer Data Platform

We are a company that is a member of the ASCItec community*. We are a MarTech company and have built a fully AI-driven Customer Data Platform (CDP) to predict customer journeys. Our CDP can connect in real-time to all systems and touchpoints. To give you a glimpse:

We can predict answers to questions that customers don’t even know they are going to ask, all in real-time, for approximately 1,000,000,000 customer journeys. Consider the significance of this and the type of meaningful customer relationships we can provide to our clients on a one-to-one scale.

Our platform is complex and built on a robust infrastructure. For you, as an experienced ML engineer, we have an intellectually challenging opportunity to offer. You will collaborate with some of the most talented scientists and technologists in the field of artificial intelligence. You will work closely together and, if necessary, be mentored by a principal ML engineer who possesses a sharp intellect and a kind personality.

AI development, automation, infrastructure

 As a Machine Learning Engineer, your primary focus will be on platform development, enabling the automation of machine learning model training and evaluation. You will also contribute to the creation of infrastructure for online inference using offline-trained models. Additionally, you will play a crucial role in designing a workbench for data science that seamlessly integrates with the production environment.


AI infrastructure:

  • Design, develop, and expand the machine learning platform infrastructure.
  • Integrate the platform with existing company operations practices.
  • Ensure platform and prediction quality through tracking and analytics.
  • Apply best practices in machine learning during platform development.

Model development:

  • Develop models to address client use cases.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to align expectations.

Team development:

  • Continuously improve team processes.
  • Actively participate in the feedback loop, providing and receiving constructive feedback.
  • Share knowledge and insights with team members.

What we are looking for:

We are seeking a highly motivated and independent individual who thrives on solving complex problems involving vast amounts of data. A successful candidate will be a strong team player with a holistic view of projects, capable of balancing short-term goals with long-term outcomes.


  • Proficiency in Spark, Scala, and Python.
  • Software engineering experience with a JVM language (Java/Scala).
  • Experience with streaming processing technologies.
  • Knowledge of machine learning best practices.
  • Basic experience with machine learning model development.
  • Proficiency in machine learning and statistical analysis.
  • Strong skills in infrastructure and software design, as well as requirement analysis.
  • Experience in infrastructure automation.
  • Solid background in software engineering.
    Familiarity with big data processing and stream processing.

Why Join Us?

  • Work on cutting-edge platform development, shaping the future of machine learning infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with a dynamic team of experts in a supportive and innovative environment.
  • Take part in continuous learning and professional growth opportunities.
  • Make a meaningful impact by contributing to groundbreaking projects.

If you are ready to make a difference in the world of machine learning engineering and platform development, we want to hear from you! We are based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. If you are from abroad, we will help with relocation. Along the application procedure, we will work out a plan.

Should you like to know more about this position, you can always connect to Wouter at +31 6 54 74 23 04. Wouter is the one who guides you during the application. Would you like to apply to join our team as a Senior or Principal Machine Learning Engineer, use the form below.

* At the ASCItec community everything revolves about connecting people & companies for innovation. Personnel that brings innovation and builds, as well as individuals who secure grants / funding and financing to actually achieve the next phase of the project.

ASCItec is a platform to assist startups, scale-ups, and established companies in recruiting personnel (interns, working students, beginners, experienced scientists and technologists) and organizing funding and financing for innovation projects.

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