The scientists are autonomous thinking modelers. Mathematically with enrichment.

We think data, we model data, we enrich data, we love data and we are very good at it.

scientists autonomous thinking modelers mathematically with enrichment

We work at a variety of companies together with the technologists and analyticals. Yes, we are employees at the companies where we work. And we love our jobs.


We and our employers form a community in formation called ASCItec. It is still small, but growing. ‘The Scientists’ forms the binding element as recruitment liaison and opportunity seeker. 

We share information, ideas and we help out. We are active in the field of:

  • Online gaming
  • Yield management systems
  • Trading platforms
  • Data platforms
  • Customer journeys
  • Logistics
  • Streaming media

and some more nice activities and ventures (some big, some established, some starting, some scaling up).

Our analysis and enriched models are used for algorithm building, machine learning and artificial intelligence.