Privacy Statement The Scientists

The Scientists respects the privacy of visitors to our websites and social media and ensures that the personal information you provide to The Scientists is treated confidentially. Processing of personal data is done in accordance with the requirements set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


This privacy statement applies to the processing of personal information (hereinafter: personal data) provided by visitors and data obtained from visiting and using the website. Our privacy statement also applies to physically received registration forms.

Purposes of Personal Data Processing

The Scientists treat personal data confidentially and carefully. The Scientists collect, among other things, personal data when contacting via the website or email and via registration forms. This data is collected and stored indefinitely for the purpose of answering inquiries.


The Scientists have taken careful and appropriate measures to secure the systems. For example, a secure connection is used on the website to transmit personal data. This is to prevent unauthorized access to the personal data or loss of the personal data.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on the visitor’s computer by a page of the website. Information such as certain preferences of the visitor is stored in such a cookie. This allows The Scientists to better serve the visitor on subsequent visits, making the site more user-friendly.

The Scientists use functional and analytical cookies. Functional cookies are used to optimize the operation of the website.

The Scientists use analytical cookies to track visitor statistics. This data helps us improve and optimize the website.

A visitor can determine how cookies should be handled. The used browser can be configured to allow, not allow, or partially allow the use of functional cookies. In the latter case, it can be set which websites may place functional cookies. Cookies can always be deleted from a computer, also through the browser.

The Scientists are not responsible or liable for the use of cookies by third parties, such as the responsibilities of the websites to which the visitor may potentially link or otherwise use.

Access, Correction, and Right to Object

A data subject can always request to access, modify (correction), or delete personal data. Likewise, a data subject can withdraw consent to processing at any time. You can message your request via any form on our website.

The data subject has the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority.

In your request, please specify as much as possible which personal data the request pertains to. Following your request, we will inform you about the further progress of the procedure. In principle, The Scientists will respond to a request for access or correction within four weeks. In case of a request for deletion, The Scientists will delete the relevant personal data as soon as possible, unless and to the extent that the law requires the retention of the relevant personal data or there are (other) urgent reasons against deletion. The Scientists will send you a confirmation message after executing a request for deletion. If The Scientists (partially) has not deleted the relevant personal data, The Scientists will send the visitor a message explaining why the request could not be (fully) complied with.

If The Scientists cannot or cannot fully determine which personal data a request for access, correction, or deletion pertains to, The Scientists may ask the visitor to specify his request (further). The Scientists will suspend the execution of the request until the visitor has provided The Scientists with the (further) specification.

The Scientists may unilaterally amend this privacy and cookie policy. Therefore, we advise you to check this policy regularly for changes.

This privacy and cookie policy was last modified on April 5, 2018.